The Band-Aid Applicator
The Band-Aid Applicator was part of an Accessory Design project where the goal was to create a universally designed item that can be used alongside an object, user, or environment. I chose a Band-Aid as the object I would devise my project around. Who does not know the painful experience of getting a nasty cut, scratch, or paper cut? Almost everyone knows.

The 18 x 24-inch infographic appropriately uses relaxing and calming colors of blue and green with a mix of varying font sizes and weights to emphasize different sections of content and type. Images and illustrations were chosen to accurately help describe the product, carefully crafted in Illustrator, and some were rendered in Keyshot to provide the best quality to the viewer. The content is divided into horizontal sections and the clever use of overlapping images, font, and stylistic features creates ongoing interest and movement. 

Band-Aid Infographic

UW-Milwaukee Makers 2023 Annual Juried and Sculptural Student Exhibition

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